Kare Plan Training School

Training Centre (1).jpg

2 months after the announcing our move to Edenmore, Raheny, we are delighted to announce the opening of our new training school located right next door to our head office in 146 Edenmore Avenue, Raheny, Dublin 5! 

Our courses are designed for our carers however, they are also very informative and can work as a guide for our clients families to provide them with the correct information on how best to care for their loved one too.   

The Training School has various courses that will enhance your skills and ensure that you have the opportunity to upskill.  Our instructors will also be there to help you along the way and answer any questions you might have to ensure your confidence is restored and you are ready to look after your clients with the highest quality of care.  

This is another tick off the company bucket list and we are delighted that we can share it with our hardworking carers, our clients and their families. 

For more information regarding our school / courses, please see our training page