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Alzheimer's and Dementia: An Overview

65% of People Over the Age of 65 Experience Digital Exclusion in Ireland

A recent survey from Trinity College Dublin has shown the disparity in the amount of seniors that do not have access to the internet. With the internet being a massive factor for communications for a majority of people, those who aren’t accommodated to the internet struggle to stay in contact with peers and loved ones. It is estimated that at least 466’000 people over 65 endure digital exclusion in Ireland. Indicating they aren’t utilising the internet or don’t have the digital devices or required dexterity to surf the web securely, & are unfortunately limited in their capacity to access Irish public services online. For those trying to connect with older people in their lives, let’s take a look at the options: Guide them something new - whilst 71% of adults aged 50 and over (c. 1 million adults) have access to the internet in their homes, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are adept in finding sources for online communications. Showing and helping a senior learn to use new technology is a fun bonding experience & pays off in the future when contact and methods of communication is established. Involve other people - another idea to make sure that other people are involved in the process. There are plenty of online platforms that allow groups of people to join in. It’s a great idea to keep everyone connected. Facebook’s messenger app allows a group video option. Online games - almost all of your favourite board games have gone online. Games such as monopoly and scrabble can now be found online or downloaded onto your phone. With these staple games available online, you can definitely get plenty of other people online. Sometimes, a game night all it takes to make people feel closer. Spend time in-person – of course there is no substitute for spending time with someone physically. When you can, you never know how much your presence alone can mean to some people. It doesn’t always have to be about going out. Maybe you can plan a dinner at home. This can be especially important for seniors with mobility issues that can keep them from doing the activities they love outside of the home. Where Kare Plan comes in It is too difficult to ever face these tough times alone. Thats where we can lend you and your loved ones a hand. Our carers can support your loved ones with encouragement, respect & assistance with daily living. Our custom care plans focus on physical and mental health and wellness activities. Our mission is to ensure that clients have the resources to find the enjoyment and satisfaction in everyday, regardless of age or mobility. If you’re a person who loves creating a positive impact in people’s livelihoods or you wish to avail of our services please

contact us on or calling us 087 382 4212! References:

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