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Alzheimer's and Dementia: An Overview

Differentiating the similarities

Although there are common similarities between Alzheimer’s & dementia, painting them under the same brush is a mistake that’s not to be made. Dementia is a common term that’s used to describe a decline in mental ability that’s unfortunately extreme enough to hinder with daily life. Dementia can affect an individual’s ability to think, recollect memories or make decisions. Alzheimer’s is a particular disease, whilst dementia is not. Alzheimer’s is the most familiar cause of dementia. Although older people are more susceptible to dementia, it is not by any means a normal component of aging. Dementia Explained As stated, dementia is not a common part of aging. It is caused by the damage to brain cells that affect the way they think, communicate with us and other people and their behavior & emotions. It also describes a set of symptoms that is related with a decline in memory, reasoning and other skills that involve thinking. Many different varieties of dementia exist and there are many conditions that cause them. Alzheimer’s Explained Alzheimer’s is a degenerative brain disease that is induced by complex brain changes after cell damage. It follows dementia symptoms that eventually worsen over time. It is likely to be responsible for over half of all dementia cases. Alzheimer’s, unfortunately, worsen as time goes on. Mundane actions such as talking, & speaking become more tough. Home care for Alzheimer’s At Kare Plan, we know difficult it is to care for someone affected with Alzheimer’s. Our team of highly skilled carers are here to offer their help for your loved ones. If you or your family need care at home, reach out to us. Organise a free consultation by contacting us on 01 851 1411. References:

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