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Why Choose Homecare?

Over the last few years, care at home has become quite a popular option for families in Ireland. When you make the decision for homecare and hire someone to help your loved one, you should have the confidence of knowing your choice was the right one. If you are looking into homecare for your loved one/s, there are a few things to take into consideration that can help you make the right choice for you and your family. Independence With home care, clients are encouraged to be independent. With safety being a priority, there is the option of inputting hand bars and anti-slip rugs into the home, this gives each individual the freedom to move around in the comfort of their own home while ensuring their safety. Family Being cared for at home has advantages for families as it gives them the freedom to visit as regularly as they would like as there are open visiting hours 24/7. Should there be any illnesses with the client, the families have the liberty of stepping in and feelings more in control of the situation. Having access to the family is also quite valuable and beneficial for the client as having family close can keep their spirits high and boost their mood. Continuity of Care It is usually the same carers that deliver the care to clients to carry out daily tasks and helps each client feel more comfortable. This way the carers are aware the kind of care being given and the care required too. One-on-One Care There is less of a risk of infection as one-on-one care is guaranteed with home care. Each client receives full attention when being cared for which means that your loved one’s needs will be met with a fast response and without delay. Costs The financial aspect of finding the right care can be daunting to say the least but with home care, you can have a care package designed for your loved one at a price that suits you and your family. In Ireland, home care is a lot cheaper than a nursing home and this gives your loved one a peace of mind in case they are concerned about any financial burden put on their families. At Kare Plan, we are dedicated to supporting our clients and their families. These decisions can be difficult to make but our client care managers would be more than happy to discuss this with you and help you make the best choice. To find out more please email or alternatively you can call us on 01 8511411.

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